Mid-Pac Petroleum


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The 76 brand, originally owned by Union Oil of California, has been in Hawaii for nearly a century. With no local refineries, UNOCAL initially shipped gasoline to the islands but would later build a terminal in Iwilei for gasoline storage.

In 1997, Tosco purchased UNOCAL's assets in Hawaii including its Kawaihae and Honolulu terminals and trucking operations. Then, in 2001, Phillips purchased all of these assets from Tosco. Soon after, Phillips merged to form what is now Conoco-Phillips.

Mid Pac Petroleum purchased Conoco-Phillips' Hawaii assets in 2004. Under new direction, we began giving our 76 gas stations a much needed facelift featuring vibrant colors and brighter lights.

In September 2007, Koko'oha Investments, Inc. purchased Mid Pac Petroleum. And on January 1, 2011, Koko'oha Investments merged with Grace Pacific Corporation, the leading Hawaii roadway-paving contractor.

Together, we're one of the largest locally owned businesses in Hawaii. Proud of our local roots, we look forward to serving the people of Hawaii for years to come.